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We are glad to have you! 

Click HERE for information our Mass Times & Schedule!


We are honored to have you visit our website. In the words of Pope Francis: “Knowing Jesus is the best gift that anyone can ever receive. That we have encountered Him is the best thing that has happened in our lives. And making Him known by our deeds and words is our greatest joy.”

We exist to offer every person in the communities of Bear Creek & Clintonville  a life-changing encounter with the person of Jesus so that we can grow evermore as His intentional disciples. With humility, our hope is to offer an evermore credible witness to the difference an encounter and lifelong relationship with Jesus alone can make.


We believe every individual is personally called to a spiritual journey with Jesus Christ. Where you are on that journey is not an accident and it is unique. We hope and are seeking to welcome each person regardless of the stage of their spiritual life, their struggles, failings, or faults. We hope you can come join us for Mass at St. Mary's in Bear Creek or St. Rose in Clintonville, which is the source and summit of the Christian Life. When you join us in person, please meet Father Simon to say hello.


If you would like to join our Parish family at either St. Rose in Clintonville, or St. Mary's in Bear Creek feel free to call the office at (715) 201-9913 or stop by our Parish Office at 140 Auto St. in Clintonville. 

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